​Clinical research

Sage Analytical Sciences Group works with companies of any size from multinational pharmaceutical companies, mid-sized and fast growing startups, individual physicians and physician specialty groups in all phases of  the design and analysis of  human clinical trials. Our end products range from successful new drug applications (NDA),  pilot studies, and meta-analyses or observational databases that drive new research. In addition, our world-class analysts assist in the preparation of publication/presentation materials for peer-reviewed journal articles or presentation at scientific conferences. 

Sage Analytical Sciences Group will work with your team to create the highest quality deliverable possible, through careful and thorough planning, sound experimental design, and best practice statistical methodology. 

Healthcare Econometrics

Does your patient data stop working for you when you leave patient rooms? Each time you walk into a  room with your laptop and add to a patient's electronic medical record, you're creating value for that patient by tracing a history, evaluating a complex set of disease processes, planning a course of action. You are also building a database that, in the aggregate, is a window into the effectiveness of your practice. It shows what you do well, what needs work, and may even yield clues to the next big breakthrough in your field.

Your insurance providers use the information they receive from you via coding to establish benchmarks that they have defined as barometers of successful performance.  How often do those barometers sync with what is best for your patients?  Have you ever sat down to contract negotiations armed with information you have compiled yourself from your EMR data? Or do you take the insurance providers at their word?  

"The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago.

The second best time is now."

Let Sage Analytical  begin to help you to understand, aggregate, analyze and present your data today!

Biostatistics and SAS Programming

The heart of our company is our people. Combining the best in education and training with industry experience, Sage Analytical Sciences Group has a skill set like no other. SAS data analysis software and Tableau visualization tools are our primary tools of the trade, and we work constantly to deepen our expertise in these world-class software packages. We will work seamlessly within your organization's software framework, or as a standalone unit.

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